Before you start making your version of any homemade ice cream recipes, it’s quite basic to make yourself familiar with different things about ice cream. From simple background for starters to complex techniques in making different types, things like these can help a newbie ice cream fanatic succeed in this area.

Generally, there are only two types of ice cream: Custard and Philadelphia. Custard, which is also known as French custard-style is custard-based, hence its name. On the other hand, the Philadelphia, which is also commonly called as New York or American ice cream, contains no egg.

 Custard Vs. Philadelphia

Custard Vs. PhiladelphiaWhen choosing what type of ice cream you will make, the very first concern that you have to address is the availability of your ingredients. If the core ingredients in making a particular type of home made ice cream are locally available and can easily be bought in your area, then go for that type.

If ingredients for both types of ice cream are somewhat abundant within your area, and the question of availability is not a problem, then the next point you have to look into is the level of difficulty.

Between the two, the Philadelphia is preferred by most starting pastry enthusiasts maybe because of the fact that the majority of the ingredients used in this recipe are actually lesser than those needed in making the custard type.



Another important aspect of making homemade ice cream is its flavor. The flavor of the ice cream somehow carries a large portion of the success of the cake. In fact, most people would judge either to buy or not to buy an ice cream based on its flavor. If they don’t like the flavor, they will not even attempt of buying it.

For starting ice cream makers, some of the most common types of ice cream flavors are: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, among others.