Forget the basic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream.  Start thinking out of the box when making your next batch of ice cream.  When you think of exotic ice cream flavors, which flavors come to mind? Exotic ice cream flavors go far beyond some of the ones you have already heard about. 

Some of the more exotic ice cream flavors I have come across are listed below.

Cinnamon Toast.  Bread flavor comes from soaking toast slices in hot milk. The mushy bits are strained out before the butter and cinnamon are added.

Maple Hickory. Ice cream laced with liquid smoke! Hickory wood smoke in watery form plus maple syrup and a topping of crumbled bacon.

Corn on the Cob.  Just fresh corn and some basic ingredients

Bacon Ice Cream

Basil. Made by topping regular ice cream with a basil simple syrup.

Dragonfruit I have never even eaten a dragonfruit so I cannot imagine what this tastes like.